Product Photography

Styled Images

Yes, we know white background images can be boring – especially if you want to post images of your products on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. That’s why we have come up with styled image services. You can get our SnappyFlies to do up flat-lay styled images of your products, specially sized for posting on Instagram and Facebook. You can also use them on your EDMs, posters and website!

And to cater to your different needs, you can choose between our On-the-Fly styled images, great for those who do not need styled images on a regular basis and our Subscription Packages, designed specially for those who need styled images to post on social media platforms regularly.

Select a Styled Image Option

Styled Images On-the-fly

On-demand styled images.
No minimum number of images.
Great for brands who need ad-hoc styled images on a irregular basis.

Subscription Packages

Monthly styled images.
Committed number of styled images per month at lower rates.
Great for brands who want to regularly refresh their social media content.